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October 2010 Updates

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Solar Power International October 12th-14th (More info on event)

Federated Electrical Contractors Conference October 18th-Las Vegas, NV

Solar Market Transformation Conference October 29th-Normal, IL (More info on event)

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From Online Product Manuals to Local Incentive Updates: 


The Clean Power Design Resource Portal and Toolkit is Your One Source for Real-Time Renewable Energy Updates to Accelerate Your Solar Services Busines!

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Nationwide Industry News

Obama Administration Announces Plans to Install New Solar Panels on the White House Residence (Read White House Release)

State of New Jersey reaches 200MW of Solar Power ramping up from 6 Solar Projects to 6,800 in eight year span. (Read Entire Article)

2010 State By State Solar Power Ranking Released (See where your State Ranks!) 

Between 2004 and 2009, US shipments of photovoltaic (PVsolar energy systems jumped from $502 million to $3.5 billion, according to SBI Energy

The federal Small Business Jobs Act included a provision that extended bonus depreciation, previously available under the Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System (MACRS), to systems installed during CY2010. Bonus depreciation generally allows a business to deduct 50% of the cost of a qualified investment during the year it was placed in service.

Why are your clients going Solar? 

Companies today are facing new exciting challenges that are changing the way they do business. Companies like Wal-Mart and Proctor & Gamble have introduced sustainability clauses that will challenge their suppliers to think greener or lose sales. These corporate players will help shape the solar industry by increasing the amount of commercial solar installed across the U.S. Working with your clients that are suppliers of larger retail corporations can mean big work for you. If you have a client that qualifies let us help you make the first step with a Clean Power Plan from Clean Power Design!

New Project Showcase: 

Alton, IL (2010)

This Month's Feature Products as seen in the Clean Power Design Online Product Catalog

SMA Inverters

Sharp Solar

Evergreen Solar ES-A 210 Watt

Quality, American-made Modules; Perfect for ARRA Projects

More Electricity, Less Impact

Read More About the Evergreen 210W Panel in the Clean Power Design Online Catalog

A Pipeline of Local Opportunity

Its no surprise that in an industry with a 

  •  sales cycle of 6-12 months 
  •  changing state and federal incentive programs
  •  and monthly announced utility incentive programs

your company should have a developed Pipeline of qualified clients with a general interest in conserving or producing energy given a specified payback. Many corporate clients will be eager to investigate ways to produce energy onsite to 

  • levelize costs for energy
  • lower monthly costs for energy
  • own Renewable Energy Credits

With corporate wide sustainability clauses appearing more and more frequently its time now to fill your Pipeline with clients you think would be interested in an onsite consultation to review with them a personal Clean Power Plan from Clean Power Design

A customized Clean Power Plan and our Onsite Project Consultation is at the Center of
Clean Power Design's Business Development Process, and business and homes across your region are seeking local providers to work with on planning their adoption of Energy Efficiency and Renewables. There is no better time then now to design a customized Clean Power Plan. 

Local and Federal Incentives are being updated monthly and your prospects are in need of a one stop local source to receive information on how they can maximize the paybacks on a Renewable Energy System for their Business or Home.

Representative to coordinate the complete design and contract development for your next prospect. CPD will work hard on your behalf and get your Project Manager to the "One Yard Line" to save you time and make you money!

  • The Customized Clean Power Plan includes:

  • Net Cost Breakout of Major System Components and Balance of the System

  • Local Incentive and Federal Rebates

  • Customized contract to Save Your Company Time and Make Your Business Money

Contact Your Local Clean Power Design Rep Today To Perform a Complete Project Consultation on Behalf of Your Company

Clean Power Design Provides 
Business Development and Marketing Services to the Renewable Energy Industry. Clean Power Design has expertise in the design and financial payback analysis of solar photovoltaics. Clean Power Design shares this expertise with Advanced Partner Clients via marketing, prospecting, design and sales training, wholesale supply, and customized Clean Power Plan services.

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October 2010 Newsletter

Industry News

The First Solar Community Garden in the U.S. Commissioned

Tracking Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission (IURC) draft proposed rule on net metering.

Bright Spots in Illinois

Illinois Gets "A" for Illinois Solar Policy

Solar Market Transformation Conference (Normal, IL)

Ameren Unveils Corporate Solar Project

More Than $9 Million Committed to Tennessee Grants

Alexandra Cousteau Explores Largest Solar Power Plant in Tennessee

Solar Power Gives State of Tennessee a Boost

Jackson lands States largest new Solar Power System


Largest Solar System in State of Georgia Breaks Ground

The Arkansas Renewable Technology Rebate Fund is now open for non-residential systems.

Best Practices
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Product Updates
Clean Power Design Enhanced Online Product Catalog

Lawrence Fabrics and Clean Power Design introduce Solar Power Awning design.

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