Step 1: Lead Generation and Project Qualification

Master the Local Market/Policy/Incentives

PESTEL Analysis (See TVA Research)
Up to Date Local Solar Incentives: Web:
Determine Local Solar Incentive "Sweetspot" (Spreadsheet Example: Southeast US)
Develop a one sheeter that outlines the local utility incentive (See sample for Northern Indiana Incentive Word Version)
Research Local Electrical Contractors and Businesses:

Prospecting and Lead List Generation

A key to developing any market is understanding the landscape and the players. Develop a complete list of Electrical Contract companies in each market. Determine the top 10 Electrical Contractors in each market. 

A great lead list resource to utilize is Reference USA. You will have to use these steps and this card # to access the software:
2) Card # 21113004635096
3) Choose Reference USA
4) US Businesses
5) You can search individual companies, but choose the "Custom Search" tab
6) I start with clicking Geography and Business size
7) Customize your search any way you like.
8) When you "view results," check a column and download as excel doc. You can only download 25 companies at a time, and then I combine all of my excel docs via cut/paste. I delete any columns of needless info and comb through them to find the best leads.

Advanced Partner (AP) Recruitment

Marketing Brochure (One Sheeter)

Steps To Success Presentation (First Meeting with Advanced Partner):

The goal of Clean Power Design is to work with our Advanced Partners (Electrical Contractors) to save them time and make them money and create new jobs. The first step of the recruitment process is to outline the 4 steps to success. This is exactly how each project is won from early prospecting through the Procurement of Product. 

The Goal is to Position the Advanced Partner as the Prime on Solar Projects in their region

The Advanced Partner can exercise Clean Power Design to the desired extent: Lead Generation/Marketing Options (Postcards (see below), Webpage Info Portal (See below), Lead Qualification, Site Consultation, Recommended System Design, Customized Clean Power Plan and Contract Development, Major System Component Recommendation and Procurement (Panels, Inverters, Racking), Paperwork (Interconnection 1-Liners, Utility, State, Fed), Director of Field Operations will be on site to coach and ensure a smooth installation on initial projects including the first project which we recommend being their Headquarters building. 

AP Marketing Development and Portal:
See Live Advanced Partner Website for Lawson Electric (Chatanooga, TN):

Generic Postcard Marketing Development (Pre-Installation of Project on Headquarters):

Marketing Postcard (Post Solar Project on Headquarters)

Trifold Marketing Brochure

See Trifold (PDF Sample Attached)

Target Marketing (Advertising/Newspaper)

Networking and Community Outreach Presentations 

(See IBEW PDF Brochure Promoting Presentation)

Marketing Sales Letters

Introduction Letter to Prospects (See PDF Attached)

Press Release

Announcement of Headquarters Project (See PDF Attached

Scenic City to Solar City Press Release from TSI (Lawson Spotlighted in attached Press Release)

Local News Stories

See local news story in Chatanooga Newspaper on Lawson Electric (Direct Link to Article)

Design and Build Headquarters Project:

Inbound Lead Management and Follow Up Process Managed by Clean Power Design Business Development Director (See Example Web Lead Form)

As for the web based inquiries, our Business Development Director (Gene Kalika) receives all leads that come in through the web based form and makes an immediate call (within 24 hours) to qualify the prospect and most importantly, request 12 months of their utility data. We find that if we cannot get them to send us 12 months of utility data as a first step that we won't be able to sell them a solar system. I have worked with Gene for 6 years on this sales process and Gene can tell within seconds of his first follow up if the prospect is serious and we will immediately schedule an onsite consultation to gather relevant information to design the first Clean Power Plan. If the prospect is lukewarm or will not send us utility bills we will normally request a $199 site consultation fee that will be credited back to them at time of install. Many times this will also disqualify prospects that think this is too high of a fee. Many leads will also come in that just want a preliminary price quote whereby we will develop a Preliminary Clean Power Plan and give them ballpark numbers. This many times will also disqualify prospects that didn't know the cost on a solar system. Our goal is to save you time and make you money in this process. As we ramp up the promotion we will be getting a variety of leads and prospects that are at various stages of the sales cycle. Our goal is to fill the pipeline with highly qualified prospects and narrow in all of our time on top prospects that we are qualifying at 90 percent probability of closing. Its a long sales cycle but we need to test and tweak and most importantly fill the Opportunity Pipeline. We will also alert the Advanced Partner on each lead received and give you progress alerts on all contact made with each client. 

Additional Tips for Working with Advanced Partners

A) Develop 1-page Informative Sheet for CFO’s. We encourage CEO’s and CPA’s to review our Clean Power Plans to certify authenticity.

B) Develop a list of local commercial leads that we would like to approach with Advanced Partners backup. Upon approval, we would drive the leads to an informational webpage to funnel them into our Advanced Partners pipeline.

C) Approach each project and opportunity with a sense of urgency to close. Most all solar incentives have a limited timeframe so any prospect will want to take the first step and file for the Interconnection agreement to be in the front of the line with the Utility. Incentives will change often and the best time to file is now. 

D) Work with the AP's current service contract list and offer to start immediately contacting these leads to set up meetings to collect key onsite information and to develop a first Clean Power Plan to show them how to maximize the local incentive. We can build Clean Power Plans as fast as we are fed key information on each property: roof measurements/type/condition, and 12 months utility bills.

E) Start with a “Top Leads” list: Clientele with recent lighting updates, energy efficiencies, any flat roofs are the best prospects to approach first. 

Two main goals for bringing onboard AP’s:
A.     Get them to do a facility install to show prospects that they’re “all in” and believe in the concept and benefits of solar.
B.     Get them to open up their database of prime candidates for solar installs.