Step 2: Onsite Design Consultation

Best of the Industry:

IREC 2011 Annual Report: (See Study)
How Much is a Solar Renewable Energy Credit Worth (SREC) (See PDF Summary)
NREL Extensive Report on Solar Renewable Energy Credit Value Across the US (See PDF Report)

Solar Shading Analysis (See Solmetric PDF Presentation)

Completed Onsite Design Survey Form (See PDF Attached)

Drawing or Rooftop with Projected Placement of Solar Ballasted Roof Mount Design (See PDF Attached)

Site Survey Procedures

Same as we have done in the past, customer calls, after small talk either they are directed to;

  • Our web site – get information & request more in the future
  • They might be mailed information right then


They are handled over the phone with a phone interviewer to get more details about their site and what they could do at that site as far as RE. The data about their home or business is entered in Netsuite. The same form will be available to people on the internet (on our web site) if they so choose to fill it out and have a RE system designed and quoted for FREE that way.

Once we have the request to know more/or have them on the phone, this triggers us to look on to see if there site is good for solar/wind in general. We verify the address of the home/business. Make sure we are talking about their place, not the neighbors. Collect the data we need to do a simple quote. Also ask them when they are considering putting a system in (meaning are they in pre-planning stages or do they have an existing structure to work with). 

Phone interviewer staff Indicates to the call in “many people want RE but have no idea of the cost and are mostly concerned with that in the beginning,” they then can give some general predetermined pricing info in order to assure them they have some idea of what things may cost.

If that all sounds fine, we ask them if they would like a more detailed FREE quote sent to them? If yes, we task the sales professional in Netsuite to send them a short two page quote. It has general information, costs, type, but not a ton of info, but enough to take there temperature, we build this two page plan from the data we received in the web/phone interview. It may be different when the actual survey is done, but a high percentage will be close enough to get things started.

After the quote goes out they are followed up on, continuously, all records kept in Netsuite. “Was the quote what you where looking for?”

If they like the two pages quote and they are ready to know more details, we now tell them our next step is to have a professional site survey/design/quote done for them. It is $199.00, refunded if a system is installed by BP. We will dispatch a site survey professional to measure, evaluate and analyze the sites possibility for renewable energy generation and exactly what we can do at that site. Only after they received a two pager!

Now the site survey staff goes only on surveys for customers who have shown a serious interest. They have gotten a price, now we just need to see what the site is really like.

The same motions in the past apply, as far as determining potential for renewables, that doesn't change.

What does change is the assessing of the home/business use of energy. Instead of saying what is using all the energy, we just take an assessment.  We tell them a Professional energy audit comes with all contracts. It saves our customers thousands! You can make small talk with the customer as you’re walking around, just write down things as you make your tour asking questions fill in the blanks on the survey form and that is all.

They then let the customer know a custom RE system will be designed and quoted for them, integrated for their home or business and fitting there budget.

Once the site survey is done, it is entered into Netsuite (by the surveyor), now the sales staff has a customer who got a two page quote, requested a survey for design and a detailed quote, they follow up and schedule and appointment to bring the detailed plan designed just for them. 

We now know almost exactly what we can do at this location. The sales professional should type less of the super detailed quotes (full 8 page size) and go on calls which he should have a higher chance at closing.

The sales professional types his detailed quote, sets up an appointment.

We HAND deliver the proposal, in the quote we indicate the savings of energy from RE. We also TEASE them with savings we could achieve through our energy audit and monitoring devices, all included with a BP installation.

If they say yes to the proposal, they sign a contract to have a RE system installed by BP, give a 25% deposit to the sales professional.

If they don’t want to proceed, the $199.00 is all it cost them and we got paid at least to do the survey and the detailed design. Plus they are in our data base to cultivate out of later.

If the customer has signed a contract, with-in a couple of days, a project manager and field manager will be assigned to the project. The field manager will do any final measurements to check measurements and install route of equipment. We do this now because we have a signed contract.

We also now contact the outside energy audit firm, telling our customer as well what to expect and when they should hear from that company.

We also now contract to install the Bauer Power Energy Zone (complete home monitoring system) while they are waiting for their RE system to be installed. These systems are free for all sales above $35,000.00

Things to observe from this procedural change:

  • Spend less time doing site surveys that have no chance of doing anything
  • Get more surveys done per day, mostly because they are paying for them and we are doing less on the site
  • Close more deals with the ON-SITE proposal delivery
  • Entice them more into going with us because we offer and sometimes include a Bauer Power Energy Zone and a  professional home audit

NOTE: The survey fee paid to the surveyor is now $100.00, but it is only performed after a SHORT quote has gone to the client.

To recap:
We create a custom CPP, contact the prospect to see if they would like a site assessment, let them know it will be a fee of $200...get their approval to proceed, contact you to see if you accept this lead, send you the lead and their MEP; you contact them to: (1) set up the site assessment, (2) collect the fees, (3) determine if they want to proceed to contract and, (4)you determine if you want additional fees at that now control the relationship. 
We are your backup; besides the equipment provided, we can also provide design, engineering, and consulting services.  We will also bring in a support team if you are not skilled in one of the other installation disciplines, like wind or solar thermal.