Step 4: Procurement of Major Components & Logistics

Finalize Mounting Design and Structure

Finalize Rooftop Drawings Completed Upon Final Contract

Rooftop Drawing with Final Placement of Panels (See Final Drawing PDF)

Wind Load Calculation (See PDF Attached)

Ballast Placement Drawing (See PDF Attached)

Finalize One Line Drawing with System Design

File Utility Interconnection Documentation

Utility Interconnection Application and Filing (See Spreadsheet Filing)

See Approved Interconnection Application (See PDF Version)

Local Rebate and Grant Filings 

Grant Application (See PDF Document)

Design and Build Headquarters Project:

Training Programs:

SMA Solar Academy schedule:

Here are SMA recorded session lists: 

Understanding SMA's Sunny Design (SPC)-20111007 1603-1 
October 7, 2011, 10:46 am San Francisco Time 
1 hour 38 mins 

Sunny Design recorded webinar

Sunny Island-20110920 1602-1 
September 20, 2011, 1:45 pm San Francisco Time 
3 hours 51 mins

Recorded Sunny Central 2 

WebBox-20110223 1714-1 
February 23, 2011, 12:43 pm San Francisco Time 
3 hours 25 mins 

Grosolar Ondemand Webinar Training

Compensation Plan

Clean Power Design reps are 1099 Independent Contractors and are paid within 30 days of collection of balance on major system components (panels, inverters). 

CPD invoices the electrical contractor direct upon final design of the system and the balance is due when the equipment hits their warehouse. CPD can usually get most of the equipment to their warehouse within 2 weeks of their placing the purchase order. 

CPD pays our 1099 reps a performance based commission as follows: 
  • 12% on Gross of invoice of Major System Components for systems sold on the headquarters of the Electrical Contractors Roof (this is the best place to start and we have great success selling the first system on their headquarters roof
  • 8% on Gross of invoice equipment of Major System Components on commercial/industrial projects ($100K plus typical order)
  • 5% on Gross of invoice equipment of Major System Components  on residential projects ($25K typical order). Most of our electrical contractors are not servicing the residential market and it introduces a sales cycle that most our reps are not interested in but we will service residential if requested. 

Most projects from the early lead is a 3-6 month sales cycle but we have sold projects with new contractors within a month. We offer a solid training to ramp up our reps to present the plan to Electrical Contractors and a base knowledge to know how to present solar economics and paybacks. We are working with a variety of 1099 reps right now that range from an architect with 30 years experience, trained engineers with 20+ years of construction experience, and pure entrepreneurial salespeople with 5 years sales experience and no construction experience.